University of Pardubice,
Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Basic information

Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer (CTKT) is responsible for communication and cooperation between the university and the industry. It helps to develop business exploitation of R&D results, provides legal services, professional administrative support, and manages the whole IP protection life cycle, beginning with the invention disclosure and including IP strategy and negotiating IP contracts with commercial partners. CTKT actively seeks the new opportunities to cooperate with businesses.

CTKT portfolio of services includes:

  • Evaluation and marketing of innovative technologies
  • Seeking new commercial opportunities and contract negotiation
  • Marketing of unique technological facilities of the university
  • Complex technology transfer back office support

CTKT manages the proof-of-concept projects and technology transfer support and educational activities financed from the Czech national funding schemes.

History of the University of Pardubice dates back to 1950. The original College of Chemical Technology has evolved into a modern university, which consists of 7 faculties and provides education in the area of natural and engineering sciences, social sciences and in the medical and artistic fields. Scientific and research activities also form an integral part of the university. The university is involved in many international cooperation projects. Technology and knowledge transfer has been carried out on a broad scale, ranging from collaborative research projects, specific applied research activities that reflect the particular needs of industry, other institutions or companies to expert services and consultancy and IP licensing.

Administrative information

Full name: Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer
Parent institution/s: University of Pardubice
Contact address: náměstí Čs. legií 565
530 02 Pardubice
Member of since: 2014
Main Areas of Expertise: Organic chemistry
Analytic chemistry, separations
Industrial chemistry and chemical engineering
Electronics and optoelectronics
Electrical engineering
Land transportation systems and equipment

Contact technology information

Name and surname: Petra Hawlová