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The Centre for Transfer of Knowledge and Technology is an independent part of Charles University. It provides services that support knowledge and technology transfer with the goal of increasing competitiveness and attractiveness of Charles University to students, staff, and the public. The centre is building the Charles University Innovation Network by connecting academicians across all faculties and parts of C. U. The network is based on cooperation with innovative organizations outside C. U., brokering knowledge, services, information and funding. The Centre represents a primary contact point for external partners. We are offering: • Patent and legal counselling related to IP protection and commercialization for Charles University researchers and students • Brokering of cooperation between C. U. departments and the industry • Preparation and implementation of projects, consulting and financial support of specific commercialization project, including Proof of Concept • Education in the field of commercialization (e.g. Management of Science and Innovation) • Strategic and methodical provision of knowledge and technology transfer at C. U. Charles University was founded in 1348, which makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. Currently, it has 17 faculties (14 in Prague, 2 in Hradec Králové and 1 in Pilsen) and several other departments. It is the best-performing research institution in the Czech Republic, according e.g. to the analyses of research outputs carried out by the Czech Research, Development and Innovation Council. The University has more than 8000 employees; of this number, almost 4,600 are academic and research staff. Charles University has over 50,000 students – roughly a sixth of all students in the Czech Republic – enrolled in more than 300 accredited degree programmes that offer over 700 different courses. Every year, just under 9,000 students complete their studies. Charles University is one of the five European universities most popular among the Erasmus exchange students. According to the Reflex 2013–2014 survey carried out by the Faculty of Education, Charles University graduates enjoy the highest employment rates among the Czech public universities. Charles University graduates are among the best paid employees on the job market.

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Full name: Charles University
Member of since: 2014
Type of membership: regular member
Main Areas of Expertise: Pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry
Medical equipment, instruments and supplies
Social sciences and humanities
Interdisciplinary combinations
New materials and utilization of nanoparticles

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Name of workplace: Charles University
Contact address: Petrská 1180/3 110 00 Praha 1
Name and surname: Evžen Ondráček