Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,
Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre

Basic information

CITT was established in 2012 and is engaged in supporting cooperation between the university and the business sector with the aim of linking the research and technological potential of the university with the needs of the business sector, thereby helping to commercialize the results of the scientific research activities of the university.

CITT has its representatives in all of the faculties and institutes of CULS that are closely connected to individual industry-specific research teams or individuals, and they act as information and distribution channels within the university. CITT thus has an updated overview of on-going scientific research activities across the entire university.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) reflects on a long tradition of more than hundred years. Now CULS is the third largest university in Prague. Study programmes and scientific research at CULS focus on agriculture, forestry, ecology, water management, geosciences, alternative sources of energy, agricultural technology, engineering, as well the prised area of modern economics and business management. Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art scientific instruments, enabling our students to take part in scientific projects in the Czech Republic, in the European Union (e.g. Horizon 2020), as well as in Asia and in Africa. Since 2007 CULS is a member of the prestigious Euroleague for Life Sciences. In 2016, the Times Higher Education Rating Agency (THE), assessed our university as the seventh best university in the Czech Republic.

Administrative information

Full name: Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre
Parent institution/s: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Contact address: Kamýcká 129
165 21 Praha - Suchdol
Member of since: 2014
Main Areas of Expertise: Agricultural economy
Agricultural machinery and buildings
Information science
Plant cultivation, rotation of crops
Livestock breeding/farming
Microbiology, virology

Contact technology information

Name and surname: Gabriela Jirátová
Name and surname: Marek Houda