Food Research Institute Prague,
Technology Transfer Office

Basic information

Food Research Institute Prague is mostly focused in its activities on improving the level of our population and food for healthier foods offered in market. It is aimed at improving the procedures for processing food from the beginning of production to their final preparation, the development of special foods for groups of people with extraordinary health, by food entitlements in the search and development of related supervisory and evaluative techniques, analytics including the implementation of specific analyzes, as well as the development and the production of special measuring equipment and techniques. The main activity of research institute is to do research projects and the activities of commercial, implementation services, consulting and advisory activities.

Administrative information

Full name: Technology Transfer Office
Parent institution/s: Food Research Institute Prague
Member of since: Not known

Contact technology information

Name and surname: Aleš Landfeld
Name and surname: Helena Kavanová
Name and surname: Jiří Trnka