Institute of computer science, CAS

Basic information

The aim of the institute is to be an internationally recognized center of creative, applied and with knowledge in the field of theory and use of computer science for the benefit of science and society.

Informatics is rapidly evolving, it is a major field, it is the main dynamic force of currencies in the field of information technology.

rapid measurement of stem enumeration performance at an affordable price for possible target collection, transmission, processing and evaluation of large amounts of data,
development methods of informatics and visible success of chemical artificial intelligence,
The application potentials of informatics use in all areas of human activity are based on five common demands for the development of new methods and their applications.
The Institute of Informatics has the ambition to become a recognized international player in basic and applied informatics research.


O instituci

Full name: Institute of computer science, CAS
Contact address:
Mgr. Pavel Juruš, Ph.D.
Member of since: Not known
Type of membership: regular member
Main Areas of Expertise: - mathematical foundations of computer science
- calculation methods
- artificial intelligence
- statistical and probabilistic modeling
- complex systems
- applications of informatics in related interdisciplinary areas

Contact technology information

Name of workplace: Centre for Technology Transfer of Academy of Sciences - CeTTAV
Contact address: CETTAV Centrum transferu technologií Středisko společných činností AV ČR, v. v. i. Vodičkova 40 110 00 Praha 1 Česká republika
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