TULTEC - antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal nanolayer

Technology description

The name of the technology: TULTEC - antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal nanolayer
Challenge: This technology was inveted as a response to antibacterial resistance and the problems resistant bacteria pose in hospitals. Our scientists invented a nanolayer that eliminates this bacteria and can be applied on almost any material. It also eliminates viruses and fungi.
Description: Basis of this technology is a sol (solution) that is applied on degreased surface, polymerized thermally at a temperature of 80 to 180 ° C for 30 minutes to 6 hours or by photoinitiated polymerization for 1 second to 3 hours. After this, the invisible layer protects the material for several months against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Exact lenght of protection depends on type of surface and effects the surface is exposed to. The nanolayer is harmless to health.
Commercial opportunity: The technology can be used on any surface we wish to protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It can be implemented into production. A company can apply the nanocoating during production and subsequently sell its products already protected. Another option is to apply the nanocoating onto surfaces in public space or hospitals the same way desinfection works.
IP protection status: Granted Czech patents CZ 303250, CZ 303861 a CZ 305045, world priority WO 2013174356 a european patent EP2852630.
Development status:

Phase 4

Corresponds with TRL 7 and TRL 8

The transition from the prototype to the final and fully functional form. At this stage, the prototype is already fully tested, or the technology is certified and ready for mass deployment.

  • TRL 7 is the stage where the prototype is fully functional. It does not require professional and special treatment and is ready for use by a regular user
  • TRL 8 represents the phase in which technology development is already complete or technology is certified. Technology, manufacturing, operation and service processes are processed and everything is ready for mass production and use
Partnering strategy: Collaboration investment spin-off
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Categories: Life Science and Health Nanotechnology Chemistry
Owner of a technology: Technical University in Liberec
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