Polymeric system for local drug release

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The name of the technology: Polymeric system for local drug release
Challenge: Systems with controlled and simultaneous local drug release represent a modern trend in contemporary human and veterinary medicine. This is due to their numerous advantages compared to conventional forms, especially the possibility to administer the drug in lower doses directly to the destination. This is associated with a reduction in fluctuations in plasma drug levels, a reduction in adverse side effects and an overall lower burden on the patient. Therefore, a number of systems for local release of hormones, anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics and cytostatics are currently being introduced into medical practice. In line with this trend is the biodegradable composition according to our invention.
Description: Polymeric thermoplastic biodegradable composition for the production of liners for the treatment and prevention of local infections.
Most of the currently investigated topical drug release systems are based on aqueous suspensions of microparticles or nanoparticles containing the drug, which are more or less stable. The basis of our system is a solid polymer mixture consisting of biocompatible and simultaneously biodegradable components and an antibiotic. The appropriate choice of components and morphology of the system can control the amount and rate of antibiotic release.
Commercial opportunity: In current clinical practice, there are at least three areas in which thermoplastic compositions according to the invention would find application: (i) treatment and prevention of joint replacement infections, (ii) treatment of skeletal infections (osteomyelitis of all known etiologies, pyogenic joint and soft tissue infections), and (iii) treatment of local infections in all other anatomical sites of the body.
IP protection status: Protected by patent CZ 307056
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Phase 2

Corresponds with TRL 3 and TRL 4

Feasibility study. There is a realistic design of the technology and the initial tests in the laboratory are leading to the specification of the technology requirements and its capabilities.

  • TRL 3 represents a complete idea of a technology with the design of concrete steps, tests and experiments that will need to be carried out to verify that the idea is realistic
  • TRL 4 is a verification of functionality in the laboratory. The result of TRL 4 is the so-called Proof-of-Concept. Technology is therefore designed and tested for its functionality under limited conditions
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