Throwing chair for disabled athletes

Technology description

The name of the technology: Throwing chair for disabled athletes
Challenge: Athletes with a handicap for the hammer, javelin, shot put, etc. until now they have used either home-made or professionally made Throwing Chairs tailored to their specific height, weight and disability, which are usually welded and cannot be positioned, so every athlete must have their own Throwing Chair. This has a financial disadvantage, but also a travel , when there are more people in the team, they must have more throwing chairs, which is also demanding on space and transportation costs, usually they are bulky and heavy.

Description: The effort to create a multi-functional sports facility that will allow disabled athletes to participate in athletic disciplines. The device can be used by right-handed and left-handed people with different handicaps as well as different weights and heights. Not only does the facility meet all the conditions set by the athletics association in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The low weight of the device is an indisputable advantage during transport. The equipment facilitates sports enjoyment of disabled athletes in all respects.

A type of structural material using stainless steel pipe profiles is used for production. This material increases the overall rigidity of the device and facilitates long-term sustainability. Therefore, no surface treatment is needed.

A big advantage is the fact that the entire throwing chair can be disassembled, so that it can also be transported on an airplane with minimal space and weight requirements.
Commercial opportunity: The uniqueness of the chair lies primarily in the universality of its use. Athletes with physical disabilities can use it in various athletic disciplines: shot put, discus throw, javelin or even skittles. It is intended for athletes of all age categories, different body weights, genders, handicaps, right-handed and left-handed.

Throwing equipment opens up possibilities for athletes with different handicaps in several sports activities. This is a new device that will no doubt be used in the years to come.

Everything is already ready for the mass production of the throwing chair according to this industrial model.

The offer is intended for athletes with a handicap and sellers of sporting goods.
IP protection status: Community industrial design 004054385-0001
Development status:

Final Phase

The technology is routinely used.

Partnering strategy: Collaboration licensing
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Categories: Sports & Recreational activities
Owner of a technology: Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně
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