Multifunctional lactyl lactates for household applications

Technology description

The name of the technology: Multifunctional lactyl lactates for household applications
Challenge: The main aim of the lactyl lactates technology is to replace raw materials from fossil and nonrenewable sources with those that comply with Green Deal 2050, while maintaining or improving all important performance parameters. The prepared compounds can be applied as new types of surfactants, emulsifiers and solvents with higher added value (high degree of biodegradability, antimicrobial effect, preservation, etc.) in household, cosmetic, veterinary and pharmaceutical product formulations. Currently, there are several new surfactants on the market, that respect the trends (sophorolipid, rhamnolipid, etc.). However, none of the companies is focused on lactyl lactates or offer additional added value as our technology.
Description: The technology describes a preparation method of lactyl lactates from lactides and other optional raw materials (usually amines or alcohols). Metal- and solvent-free procedures are utilized, That is why synthetized compounds are not contaminated with undesirable abiogenic contaminants and achieve higher level of biodegradability and better toxicological profile. The advantages of the reaction are versatility for different substrates, simple manufacturing, excellent atomic balance and waste minimization. The process is long-term sustainable and applicable also for high-volume production. Prepared lactyl lactates operate as secundary surfactants, because of the presence of polar groups in their structure. That is why they can be utilized in cosmetic or household products. They have also antimicrobial and other characteristics, so the multiple functional parameters of the formulation can be influenced by the choice of lactyl lactate.
Commercial opportunity: The technology can be offered to producers of household, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary products
IP protection status: Czech patent granted, doc. No. 306988
Czech patent granted, doc. No. 308785
CZ patent application submitted, doc. No. 2021-480
PCT patent application submitted, doc. No. PCT/CZ2019/000060
Development status:

Phase 3

Corresponds with TRL 5 and TRL 6

Technology validation and implementing it in real environment. Testing the technology outside of the laboratory and its adjustment to external conditions.

  • TRL 5 represents a state where the results of the real environment tests are known and there is an idea of how to deal with the problems found (if any)
  • TRL 6 is a state where a fully functional prototype already exists and is capable of fulfilling all its functions
Partnering strategy: licensing
More information: website CTKT UPCE
Categories: Pharma Chemistry
Owner of a technology: Univerzita Pardubice
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