Neurosteroidy - Neuropatická bolest (NP)

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Název technologie: Neurosteroidy - Neuropatická bolest (NP)
Motivace: The NP market is rife with unmet needs. The main classes of drugs used in the treatment of NP have traditionally consisted of antidepressants, anticonvulsants, opioid analgesics, and topical analgesics. Although many of the available drugs offer some degree of efficacy in terms of pain relief, there still remains vast room for improvement in efficacy, safety, drug delivery, and dosing convenience. Market size 2017 is about 3 bil. USD, CAGR 3%
Popis: Neurosteroids act as multi-target allosteric modulators of various neuro-receptors. Among others, the NMDA receptor modulators influence the ion flow in synapses. Allosteric NMDAr modulators do not reveal typical adverse effects (in animal models) like dizziness, nausea, somnolence or cognitive difficulties as the current therapeutics often acting as Ca or Na channel blockers. MS-225 shows inhibitory effect at micromolar concentrations.

However, there are other receptor families involved in the pain perception. MS-225 modulates their function at nanomolar concentrations. This might be the dominant mode of action and as such is a subject of further research and a new application for extended patent protection.

Besides the NP, some steroidal analogues has proven its efficacy in epilepsy or neuroprotection models.
Komerční využití: If the clinical trials confirm its efficacy and low adverse effects, the molecule can easily acquire 10-30% of the market counting from 300 mil. to 1 bil. USD.
Status IP ochrany: Kudova et al.: Amphipilic Compounds with Neuroprotective Properties. EP3260462 A, EP3260462 A, CA 2957906 A, JP 2017-511948, US 15/506318, AU 2015309371
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Kategorie: Farmacie Věda o životě a zdraví Chemie
Vlastník technologie: IOCB Prague
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